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What makes pic my wallpaper so different.

With Picmywallpaper.com, we wanted to create a way to take all the great aspects of our wallpaper retail store and interior design business and offer those two elements to customers in an online setting.

We know how hard it can be to choose the perfect wallpaper. We see customers that are struggling with it, walk through our doors every day. What pattern suits my room style? What wallpaper style goes with my current space? Should I go neutral or bold? What’s important to know about the different types of papers? They take one look at all of our books and say “where do I even begin”?

We would never send a client into our wallpaper library without any assistance. Yet buying Wallpaper on line is exactly like this. You end up looking at so many different styles and patterns with no one at all to help guide you through the process. This is the “difference” we have created with Picmywallpaper.com. The “My Project” online process, allows our wallpaper design team to:

  •  See a picture of your specific project
  •  Get a good understanding of your specific design goals.

The “My Project” process is quick and easy to complete. You simply upload your room photos and complete a short design questionnaire. From here, a designer from our design team will be assigned to your project and available to answer any of your specific questions. In a short period of time, your designer will provide you with a few choices that would look great in your space!

Once you have selected a few styles you like you will have the option to actually see the different wallpaper choices digitally added to your own space. This professional imaging process is truly amazing and gives you a very good idea of what your finished wallpaper project will look like. We have removed all the anxiety of wondering if your wallpaper will look great. With Picmywallpaper.com you can see it before your buy it.

Now that you have heard about this great service, why would you go through this process alone? Don’t waste time going through wallpaper books and samples just too still be uncertain of the direction you want to take with your project!

Click” start my project” now and get your personal guide to provide you suggestions, answer all your questions and then REVEAL to you what your finished project will look like!!

What Our Customers Say

I have recently wallpapered my bathroom with a fantastic pattern from Picmywallpaper.com. They are always so helpful and have a great selection to choose from!! I would highly recommend stopping in and seeing them!

Jodi Franklin - Mom

Regina has definately needed a wallpaper source like this! They made it so simple to upload your criteria and the results were amazing. They took all the stress out of picking a perfect design! I will definately use them in the future!

Gary Kupper - Customer

Absolutely gorgeous products, expert advice and perfect installation. Don't hesitate to go straight to Corrie at ckOne Design to transform your house into a spectacular space.

Lise Merle - Client

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