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My name is Corrie and wallpaper is my jam! Every. Single. Part. Of. It!! The way it looks, the way it feels, the way it presents itself, and the overall vibe and energy it releases in a space! 

I am a small town farm girl who grew up with a mother that had a flair for decorating. Wallpaper was a big trend when I was growing up and my mother fully embraced it.... yes, the matching borders as well (in case you were wondering).

And these wallpapers were purchased through the Sears catalogue! (yes, you also read that right, SEARS CATALOGUE).

I remember a conversation that we had at some point regarding the fact that when I grow up, i will not be embracing the wallpaper such as my mom did.... well today, I'm eating those words... I not only have wallpaper in my home but I have a wallpaper boutique store featuring some of the finest wallpapers from around the world and I'm helping others embrace wallpaper every single day!!

I have been an interior design consultant since 2010 and opened ckOne Design. Over the years, I've done consulting in residentila and commercial projects but my passion sincerely lies in the fluff of a space and the final touch of wallpaper. Creating the end result with the interior finishes and decor really completes the feeling and vibe in a space and accomplishing that for a client leaves me with a heart full of happiness!

The creation of allows our team to help and guide clients from all over the world in creating spaces withing thier homes or offices with wallpaper. Our exclusive picmywallpaper process eliminates the anxiety you have when trying to choose the perfect wallpaper for your space. 

Click the Start My Project button to get the process started. It's quick and easy! I'm sure we can find the perfect wallpaper for your project!

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